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Henry V and the veiled challenge to Renaissance authority

Henry V and the veiled challenge to Renaissance authority
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Master\'s Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: Distinction, The Open University, course: M.A. English, language: English, abstract: This dissertation examines how Henry V cannot exist solely as a patriotic representation of the \'star of England\' (Henry V, Epilogue, 6). Drawing on the theories of Stephen Greenblatt and Jonathon Dollimore, it argues that there is radical ambivalence in the text, in Henry\'s character and in the war that he invokes against France. Shakespeare offers the astute reader the opportunity to distinguish between true adherence to idealism and the supposed external adherence to it, in Henry V he exposes the rulers who espouse it and other grand concepts yet still steep themselves in blood. The play\'s mode of presentation is therefore used by Shakespeare as a carefully planned strategy, rather than mere historical homage. The play is not simply a reflection of the nationalist fervour which suffused England in 1599, it is a text whereby subversive perceptions of that complex and dangerous new world are voiced but also constrained.


The first chapter examines the veiled challenge to Renaissance authority, seen in the way that Shakespeare recognises Henry\'s duplicitous journey from youthful imperfection as the wastrel Prince Hal in Henry IV, Part I and Henry IV, Part II. It suggests that a knowing, dispassionate artificiality was always present in Henry and that this implies Shakespeare\'s rebellion against Renaissance ideals. The second chapter looks at Henry V and shows Henry\'s transformation, seemingly absolute and fashioned by monarchist pride but, at the same time, it is clear that the covert rebellion against Elizabethan rule offered by Shakespeare challenges orthodoxy. It is shown in the disruptive power of the scenes at Harfleur where the reader is tempted to draw parallels between Henry V and Milton\'s Satan in Paradise Lost. The third chapter dea

Nakladatel: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 9783668188518
Rok vydání: 2016
Jazyk : Angličtina
Vazba: brožovaná/paperback
Počet stran: 60
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