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Right-Wing Politics and the Rise of Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1941

Right-Wing Politics and the Rise of Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1941
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A New Forum for International Holocaust Research.


European Holocaust Studies (EHS) publishes key international research results on the murder of the European Jews and its wider contexts. This new English-language yearbook primarily aims to bring together and provide higher visibility to research contributions produced across different countries and institutions. It also strives to promote international exchange, especially among scholars from North America, Europe, and Israel.\nThe EHS issues are thematic. Each issue features a selection of peer-reviewed research articles, which offer novel perspectives on the main theme. Further sections include a discussion of key documents and a selection of research project descriptions related to the overall topic, as well as a literature review or essay dealing with historiographical debates on the subject.


Includes:\nFrank Bajohr: The German Model? Nazi Germany and Beyond\nDieter Pohl: Right-Wing Politics and Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1940\nFerenc Laczó: The Radicalization of Hungarian anti-Semitism until 1941. On Indigenous Roots and Transnational Embeddedness\nSusanne Heim: The European Refugee Crisis\nGrzegorz Krzywiec: Antisemitism in Poland in the 1930s. A Balance of recent Research

Nakladatel: Wallstein
ISBN: 9783835333475
Rok vydání: 2018
Jazyk : Angličtina
Vazba: brožovaná/paperback
Počet stran: 260
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