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Jane’s Patisserie: Deliciously customisable cakes, bakes and treats

Jane’s Patisserie: Deliciously customisable cakes, bakes and treats
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\'This will be the most-loved baking book in your stash!\' - Zoë Sugg

Life is what you bake it - so bake it sweet!

Discover how to make life sweet with 100 delicious bakes, cakes and treats from baking blogger, Jane.

Jane\'s recipes are loved for being easy, customisable, and packed with your favourite flavours. Covering everything from gooey cookies and celebration cakes with a dreamy drip finish, to fluffy cupcakes and creamy no-bake cheesecakes, Jane\'s Patisserie is easy baking for everyone.

Whether you\'re looking for a salted caramel fix, or a spicy biscoff bake, this book has everything you need to create iconic bakes and become a star baker.

Includes new and exclusive recipes requested by her followers and the most popular classics from her blog - NYC Cookies, No-Bake Biscoff Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Drip Cake and more!


This will be the most-used and most-loved baking book in your stash. Perfect for any occasion - or even just a Sunday baking session! ― Zoë Sugg

About the Author

Jane started her blog, Jane\'s Patisserie, in 2014 after training at Ashburton Chefs Academy. Jane has baked on This Morning, her blog was voted the top baking blog of 2020 by Vueilo, and her recipes have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Fabulous, Hello and Baking Heaven Magazine. Her first book, Jane\'s Patisserie, published in August 2021.\n
Nakladatel: Ebury
ISBN: 9781529109429
Rok vydání: 2021
Jazyk : Čeština
Vazba: pevná
Počet stran: 224