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Regionalizing Oman

Regionalizing Oman
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Preface; Fred Scholz.- Chapter 1. \'\'Regionalizing Oman\'\': A New Interest of Research on Oman and its Spatial Dimensions; Steffen Wippel.- Part I: Concepts of Regionalisation and Region-Building.-Chapter 2. Conceptual Considerations of \"Space\" and \"Region\": Political, Economic and Social Dynamics of Region-Building.- Steffen Wippel.- Chapter 3. Theorizing Regionalism(s): When \"Regions\" Emerge and Interact; Ulrike Lorenz and Frank Mattheis.- Chapter 4. Working with \"Translocality\": Conceptual Implications and Analytical Consequences; Katrin Bromber.- Part II. The Translocal, Transnational and Transregional Movement of People.- Chapter 5. \"We are part of Zanzibar\" - Translocal Practices and Imaginative Geographies in Contemporary Oman-Zanzibar Relations; Julia Verne and Detlef Müller-Mahn.- Chapter 6. Of Red Cells, Translocality and Origins: Inherited Blood Disorders in Oman; Claire Beaudevin.- Chapter 7. Oman-India Relations: Exploring the Long-Term Migration Dynamics; Samir Pradhan.- Chapter 8. Negotiating Authenticity and Translocality in Oman: the \"Desertscapes\" of the Harasiis Tribe; Dawn Chatty.- Part III. Micro and Macro Regionalisation through Economic Practices; Chapter 9. Re-reading the Role of Oman within its International Trade Relations. From 16 th through to the 19 th Centuries; Beatrice Nicolini.- Chapter 10. Oman and the Indian Ocean Rim - Economic Integration Across Conventional Meta-Regions; Steffen Wippel.- Chapter 11. Oman Caught Between the GCC Common Market and Bilateral Free Trade with the US: Is It Worth Breaking the Rules?; Anja Zorob.- Chapter 12. Musandam and its Trade with Iran. Regional Linkages across the Strait of Hormuz; Michael Benz.- Chapter 13. Is Littoralization Reconfiguring the Omani Territory?; Belgacem Mokhtar.- Chapter 14. The Impact of Shopping Malls on Traditional Retail Stores in Muscat. Case study of al-Seeb Wilayat; Montasser I. M. Abdelghani. Part IV. State and Society in Regional and Global Perspectives.- Chapter 15. Private Documents as a Source for Regional History: The Archive of the ÝAbrÐyÐn of al-ÍamrÁÞ; Michaela Hoffmann-Ruf.- Chapter 16. Domesticating Local Elites. Sheikhs, Walis and State-Building under Sultan Qaboos; Marc Valeri.- Chapter 17. Musandam: Creating a New Region Across the Water; Gulshan Dietl.- Chapter 18. The Political Economy of Internationalization and Privatization of Higher Education in the Sultanate of Oman; Torsten Brandenburg.- Chapter 19. Bringing the Global and the Local Together through English in Oman; Rahma Al-Mahrooqi and Victoria Tuzlukova.- Concluding Remarks: Regionalizing Oman beyond Conventional Metageographies; Steffen Wippel.

Nakladatel: Springer Netherlands
ISBN: 9789400796355
Rok vydání: 2015
Jazyk : Angličtina
Vazba: brožovaná/paperback
Počet stran: 351
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