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Stephen King Leather edition: Carrie, The Shining, Salem´s Lot

Stephen King Leather edition: Carrie, The Shining, Salem´s Lot
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432  Kč 599 Kč

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Overview One of the best-selling authors of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Stephen King has made a career out of thrilling readers with his dark and disturbing masterpieces of the macabre. Stephen King: Three Novels brings together King´s first three published novels for a trilogy of terror unparalleled in modern fiction. Carrie is the story of Carrie White, an outcast and alienated high-school student who discovers that she possesses formidable paranormal powers. While Carrie struggles privately to understand the full scope of her wild talents, her classmates escalate their cruel taunts, provoking her in dangerous ways that no one could dream of in their worst nightmares. In Salem´s Lot, writer Ben Mears returns to his hometown in Maine to write a book on the local Marsten House, the site of an unsettling childhood experience that has haunted him ever since. The Marsten House has recently been purchased by an unseen new owner, and when the townspeople begin disappear
Nakladatel: Penguin Random House
ISBN: -61162
Rok vydání: CZE
Jazyk : Čeština
Vazba: CZE
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